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Dental Implants

Tooth Implant IllustrationTooth implant before, during, and after

A dental implant is an artificial tooth-root replacement used to support the replacement of a tooth, a group of teeth, or Implant Retained Dentures. A dental implant is made of surgical grade hypo-allergenic titanium that is surgically placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth, bridge or denture.

Is a dental tooth implant my best solution?

When both the tooth and root are damaged beyond repair, the best permanent replacement is a single-tooth implant: a single unit combining a dental implant with a ceramic crown. Usually, the implant will also require a post or abutment screwed onto it to support the ceramic crown.

This solution looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. Depending on the patient’s mouth, often an immediately functioning temporary tooth can be placed. This helps to create an excellent esthetic result, with shorter treatment time and minimized pain.

Can a dental implant help with my dentures?

Dental implants are now used to provide a wealth of benefits for denture wearers who opt for Implant Retained Dentures.

How long does a tooth implant take?

Once an implant has been placed in the jaw, the bone around the implant needs to heal for eight weeks up to six months. After this period of healing, a temporary support post called a healing abutment will be placed on the implant, and finally a new crown can be placed on the abutment. The exact sequence of the steps and the time it takes for each procedure can be explained on an individual patient basis.

Under the proper circumstances, a tooth can be placed on an implant the same day the implant is placed. Dental implants look and feel so natural, you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

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