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Crowns and Caps

Porcelain crowns fused to NOBLE metal

We at New Haven Dental Group typically use porcelain crowns fused to high noble metal which offers a strong near-natural looking replacement.

All-porcelain crowns

For the best cosmetic appearance and used where appropriate (usually on your front teeth) an all-porcelain crown is an excellent choice. An all-porcelain crown appears brighter and more luminous than other crowns because there is no metal used in building it. While all-porcelain crowns are not as strong as porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns, they often last nearly as long providing the bite is aligned correctly. Sometimes our patients request all-porcelain crowns for their back teeth when they are concerned about allergies from metal substances found in a regular crown. However, allergies to metal in our crowns are extremely rare because the noble metal we use is of the highest quality.


What is a core build up, a pin or a post?

A core build-up is composite or amalgam material which is used to restore the structure of the tooth. A pin or post is a small rod which is sometimes used in conjunction with a core build up. Any of these may be used when most of the tooth structure is missing and the tiny bit of natural tooth still remaining will not support a crown itself. These are also sometimes used after a root canal to anchor the build-up material giving a stronger and better foundation for the restored tooth.

When are all-metal crowns the best choice?

Gold dental crown

We rarely use all-metal crowns; although they may cost less, they are not natural looking and therefore usually not desired by our patients. However, in certain circumstances when we need to create a particularly strong crown we may use an all-metal crown for its durability. In this instance, we would use a gold crown because historically this type of restoration has been tolerated well and our patients find gold crowns to be comfortable. However, depending on the current price of gold, this can be an expensive crown restoration.

What are the disadvantages of all-ceramic crowns?

An all-ceramic crown is not as strong as a porcelain crown that is fused to noble metal. Ceramic crowns require bonding to the existing tooth, and they do not have the luminance or brilliance of a porcelain crown. Still, sometimes they are used in specific cases, and your dentist with expertise in this procedure will advise you when to consider this type of crown.

Do you use CEREC™ crowns?

We do not use CEREC™ crowns. CEREC™ crowns are made by a machine in the dentist’s office rather than at a professional dental lab by a trained dental lab technician. CEREC™ crowns are less expensive for the dentist to make because of the elimination of a lab bill and because there is no need for a second appointment. In our opinion, CEREC™ crowns are not particularly bright and do not look as natural as porcelain crowns. CEREC™ crowns do not have a metal structure, are weaker, and almost certainly will not last as long as a crown that is made in a special dental laboratory.

What other crown options are available for me?

This page has covered many of the options that you have when it comes to dental crowns. Your dentist at the New Haven Dental Group will help you decide which type of crown is the most appropriate to achieve the strongest restoration for you and the best look for your smile!

Call a New Haven Dental Group dentist officenow, we look forward to caring for you very well!

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